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Fun Facts About Cacao

Yes. The Cacao Fruit is quite possibly a miracle fruit as it has so many health benefits.

To start with, it comes with cancer prevention properties.

The cacao fruit full-plant extract contains flavonols that increase antioxidants when introduced to the body, fighting free radicals, which are the fundamental causes of cancer.

The Fun Facts About The Cacao Fruit

  • The whole fruit is full of good stuff. Many people believe that only the pulp, used to make delicacies and beverages, and the beans used to make chocolate are edible. However, the entire fruit including its peel has health benefits.  Some pioneering fruit companies process the whole fruit to get all its benefits.
  • Cacao fruit grows only in a few countries in the tropics such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mexico,  Brazil, Ecuador, or Indonesia. This makes it a unique and rare fruit.
  • Cacao fruit’s entire production is done by hand. The people who produce cacao do not use machines to plant, harvest, or dry it.
  • The cacao fruit contains the highest level of antioxidant power. Therefore, it is used by many as an anti-aging remedy, as it has properties that can slow down the cell aging process.
  • Cacao trees are only viable to produce quality cacao fruits for only 25 years. This makes them quite rare since many trees have to be planted to maintain the quality of the cacao fruit over the years.
  • Cacao fruit is used to make sweet delicacies like chocolate, yet it is one of the best remedies for diabetes as it lowers blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Cacao can cause addiction. It is loaded with alkaloids that cause the addiction, and they are also a big reason why it also works as a great mild euphoriant, therefore, it can be used to keep you alert and present.
  • Cacao can raise your happiness levels exponentially. As a euphoric product, the cacao fruit is often used to lift people’s moods and spirits, helping them achieve a better sense of themselves.
  • Cacao is also used to increase people’s attention and concentration spans.
  • It contains flavanol, a phytonutrient that helps improve blood flow to the brain, which increases brain function better due to the oxygen flow, which enhances a person’s ability to concentrate better and for longer.
  • If you have insomnia, there are properties in the pulp of the cacao fruit that help in relaxation and give you better, fast, and deep sleep.
  • With the help of cacao processing companies that process and make use of the whole cacao fruit, the fiber in the cacao is used to improve gut health, helping with issues like constipation and chronic inflammation.
  • There are cacao pancakes. Cacao fruit processing companies use the entire fruit, ensuring nothing goes to waste. While other parts like pulp and beans are used to make medicinal products and beverages, the cacao shells are ground to make pancake flour.
  • Buying cacao and using it for your skin can make you look younger. It is packed with anti-aging properties that reduce wrinkles and skin damage by the sun.

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