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The Cacao Story

Cacao is a small tree that originated in the Amazon Basin of South America and today is grown through out the world within 20° of the Equator. It can grow to a over 50 feet in height but is trimmed to about 15 feet in well-managed plantations.

A Fruit

The plant yields its first crop after 3 to 4 years and its fruit is a football-shaped pod containing  50 to 60 seeds and about 1oz of fruit pulp, surrounded by an unusually thick peel.  The seeds, when fermented and dried, are known as beans.  When the beans are roasted, their paper-thin shell, also called the husk is removed, leaving behind cocoa nibs.

Food of the gods

The scientific name for cacao fruit is Theobroma cacao, literally translated as ‘food of the gods’. You may be familiar with the ‘feel-good’ experience you get by eating chocolate that comes from the cocoa beans, yet there is more to the cacao story.


Cocoa was first developed as a crop by South American cultures and its current name comes from the Aztecs and Mayans of North America, who called a bitter drink made from it “cacahuatl” a term the Spanish conquistadors simplified to cacao when they brought the beans back to Europe. Cocoa is the English version of cacao so both words are really interchangeable, but increasingly  the more common practice is to refer to the tree and fruit as cacao, while using cocoa to mean the powder mixed with milk to create “hot chocolate” and to make chocolate itself with sugar and milk.  An interesting fact is that while cacao was made into a beverage and later into chocolate products, one of its earliest uses was as a form of currency because the fermented and dried cocoa beans are easy to transport and  very durable, lasting for many years – with the additional advantage that they could be eaten in an emergency, a benefit no modern currency can claim!



A large volume of scientific studies has shown that cacao is a real superfood, full of healthy antioxidants and nutrients, with many anti-inflammatory properties.  Many of the studies have challenged producers to find ways to take advantage of the  pulp and peel where many phytonutrients are concentrated and not just adhere to the traditional practice of discarding them and taking full advantage of only the beans.

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Nikki Vonkuenheim

Just want to let you know how the cacao fruit extract worked for me! My name is Nikki Vonkuenheim. I’m a Realtor in the Weston/Ft. Lauderdale area. I injured my foot and the pain and swelling was so great, that I couldn’t get a shoe on! I took this product and pretty much immediately, the swelling and the pain was gone! I can’t say enough about this product and how fast it worked!!! I highly recommend this to anyone! I hope that it can help others, as it helped me!!!

Jay Nudelman
Insurance Producer

I used the cacao fruit extract just last month to alleviate tendonitis in my right foot. The pain got so intense; I could not walk. After only 4 days of taking it, the swelling in my foot was nearly eliminated. I went from using a walker to getting around on my own. Happy to say no more pain.

Haley McAlpin
Sales Rep.

I have suffering from carpal tunnel in both hands for months. They were numb and the pain began radiating up my arm to my neck. After only one dose of the cacao extract, the pain in my shoulder began to subside. After two days my neck felt 100 percent better. The numbness is gone.  Both hands are free of numbness. I don’t know if this has “cured” my carpal tunnel, but I am symptom free! Where do I get more? Thank you in advance!

Retired Communication Satellite Power Systems Engineer

I have had severe neck pain for about one year and have tried just about every medicine that you can think of to help reduce the pain with little success. About five weeks ago I started using Cacao fruit extract. In about a week I noticed a significant reduction in the pain. I had to wait about a week to replenish my supply. I didn’t realize how effective it was in reducing the pain in my neck until after I stopped using it for a week. It has been very effective for me and I will continue to use it.

Deborah Rice
Middle School Teacher

I have been suffering from a debilitating neck strain for several weeks. I could not turn my head from side to side.  After taking this miraculous cacao fruit extract for only two days, I have full range of motion! I love this product! Thank you for the much needed relief.

Robert Ristaino
Ft Lauderdale FL

I started taking the cacao fruit extract about 2 months ago.  I had arthritis in my hands from 30 years of construction and my knees ached at night when going to bed.  I began a once a day dose of the cacao fruit extract. Within 3 to 4 days I felt great relief. The anti-inflammatory properties are unbelievable. Thanks for a product that really works. The benefits of this product have changed my life.

Coral Gables, FL

I’ve had shoulder pain, stiffness and restriction of movement for over 30 years since a sports injury in college.  Many times I’ve thought of corrective surgery but never gone that route. For the last 3 wks I’ve been taking THECACAO supplement and the pain, stiffness and lack of mobility in my shoulder is gone.  I’m in disbelief.  I’ve tried everything; ibuprofen, acetaminophen, glucosamine and chondroitin, heat, ice, balms, salves, everything.  Nothing worked for over 30 years, until THECACAO Fruit Extract. It’s amazing and true. The relief is incredible.

Financial Advisor

Wow. “Healthy” can also be “Tasty”! I did not expect such a great combination of flavors and crispiness.

Florida Soccer Mom

I opened my first bag of Cacao Fruit Crisps thinking my kids would just nibble on them, but they were gone in a flash. This is a really good snack for them