Have you ever wondered how healthy antioxidants work and how they improve our lives?

HARMFUL Radicals

When we breathe, we take in oxygen, which is of course is a good thing.  But the problem is that breathing also produces harmful free radicals, which is not a good thing.  Because free radicals damage cells, they may cause aging, poor circulation, mental stress, and many diseases related to inflammation.

Antioxidants to the rescue
Ripe, dark red, antioxidant rich, cacao fruit pods hanging from the tree
Cacao fruit is the best source of healthy antioxidants

Antioxidants are the best way to capture those free radicals and repair the damage. Recent scientific studies on the entire cacao fruit show it has  extraordinary antioxidants that are better and more powerful than many others. So, a daily dose of radical-busting healthy antioxidants is a really good way to keep your cells healthy.  And that is where TC-3 comes in.  It is an easy way to get your daily dose. Two capsules in the morning is all it takes to help yourself.  It is why we say “Take Care.  Be Happy.  Stay Healthy”


Antioxidants every day are good for your immune system because they help your cells recover from harmful free radicals.  Radicals are created by natural activity like breathing, but also by eating, chemicals and smoking.  Since antioxidants capture the excess free radicals and remove them from our cells, they become healthier.  Healthy cells mean stronger bodies and healthier aging, a healthier heart, better skin, and stronger nails, but they also help your brain. You can get all these benefits and of course a healthier immune system with TheCacao TC-3.  You can read more about the benefits of cacao here


Cacao has been known for a long time for its great antioxidants. TC-3 gets them from the best parts of cacao so you can take them an easy way.  Two capsules every morning with your breakfast or even better in your smoothies puts you on the path to a healthy life.  The more you take it and the longer you take it for its healthy antioxidants, the better you will feel.  Feel better and then tell your family and friends about TheCacao! Check it out at

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